Saturday, 5 May 2012

Click Next to bypass the wizard's acceptable screen

1. Open the server's Control Panel and baddest Add or Remove Programs.

2. When the Add or Remove Programs chat box appears, bang the Add/Remove Windows Components button.

3. Select the Networking Casework advantage and afresh bang Details.

4. Now baddest Dynamic Host Agreement Protocol (DHCP) from the account of arrangement services, afresh bang OK, followed by Next.

Windows will now install the DHCP services. When the accession completes, you will accept to actualize an abode ambit and accredit the DHCP server to action on your network.

5. To do so, baddest the DHCP advantage from the Administrative Tools card to accessible the DHCP console.

6. Right bang on your server aural the DHCP animate and baddest Authorize.

7. After you accredit the DHCP server, appropriate bang on the server's advertisement aural the animate afresh and baddest New Scope. This will barrage the New Ambit Wizard.

8. Click Next to bypass the wizard's acceptable screen.

9. Enter a name for the ambit that you are creating afresh bang Next. (You can alarm it annihilation you want, but for the purposes of this tutorial, I will be apropos to the ambit as 'Corporate Network.')

10. You will now be asked to access an IP abode range. Just specify a alpha and end abode that is constant with the IP acclamation arrangement you are already using, but that does not overlap any absolute addresses. The Length and Subnet Mask fields will be abounding in for you automatically.

11. The next three screens accommodate settings that you don't accept to anguish about. Just bang Next three times until you ability the Router (Default Gateway) screen.

12. Enter the IP abode of your network's absence gateway, bang Add, afresh Next.

13. Type in the name of your area and the IP abode of your DHCP server and bang Next.

14. Click Next afresh to skip the WINS agreement screen.

15. Finally, verify that the Yes, I Wish To Activate The Ambit Now advantage is called afresh bang Next and Finish.

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