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How to get Mainland china ip address in India

How to get Mainland china ip address in India

How to get Mainland china ip address in India
I have a chinese program that requires me to have a IP address to work, but i cant use it when im in canada. I head about games thats region specific, but people form outside the region are able to play because they obtained a different region IP. Can anyone enlighten on how to do it.
There are various reasons due to which you may need to access Chinese websites. However, since the country has orthodox internet censorship policies, hence you have to arrange for a Chinese IP address to open such links.
More likely, access is blocked because of regional legal agreements regarding content. When you try to access Tudou outside China, Tudous servers identify your IP address coming from a foreign location and they then block or slow access. I know that from the US, many of the movies I could watch on Tudou in China are blocked even though the videos are still available.
It is possible to unblock access to Tudou from anywhere by changing your IP address. Virtual private network services, or VPNs, are a good solution for getting access to streaming websites. Streaming requires substantial bandwidth so choose aChina VPNwith unlimited bandwidth. You can find a handful online and register with them for a small monthly fee. The right VPN service will provide you with aChinese IP addressto access Tudou outside China, regardless of your current location. That means that you can access Tudou virtually anywhere. After a couple of minutes access is unblocked for streaming websites anywhere, legally, permanently and with great results.
For all these and many more purposes, possessingChinese VPNbecomes a must, failing which would deprive you from accomplishing important tasks. With the help of renowned Chinese VPN, you can comfortably unblock Chinese websites and get access to your desired online content without hassles.
What you need is China VPN account !
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