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DES (Data Encryption Standard

- authentication affection enables end arrangement or arrangement accessories to accredit the user or the appliance and clarify cartage accordingly.

- prevents the abode bluffing attacks

- protects adjoin the epitomize attack

The three aboriginal functions are affirmed by adding of an affidavit assortment function. A MAC action (Message Affidavit Code) is an affidavit action accumulated with a balanced key. To accomplish it short, such action calculates a abstract of a message, afterwards the abstract is encrypted with a aggregate abstruse amid the two hosts.

A abstract is the aftereffect of a anchored breadth algebraic calculation. It has been accurate that is was absurd to charm the abstract if the aboriginal advice was altered.

Such techniques are used, for example, on accessible FTP server. When publishing a book on a server, it is advantageous to aswell put the abstract of the book on the aforementioned server. The abstract guarantees that the aboriginal book has not been adapted by anyone.

The a lot of acclaimed abstract adding adjustment is alleged MD5.

The appropriate protocols for AH are :

- HMAC-MD5-96

- HMAC-SHA-1-96

The endure action in AH (anti-replay attack) is congenital with a apparatus of sliding window. Each packet receives a arrangement amount and assorted techniques agreement that packet can not be replayed after notice.

3.5 Encapsulating Aegis Payload - ESP

ESP offers two casework :

- encryption : the abstracts is encrypted with a predefined agreement amid the two hosts

- authentication : see AH

In the aboriginal absolution of RFC apropos IPSEC, AH was acclimated for affidavit and ESP for encryption only. It has been apparent by added study, that encryption after affidavit was not secure. As, RFCs acquiesce application ESP after AH it was absitively to add in the new RFC the adequacy to accredit aural ESP.

There is now some back-up ! It is accessible to use AH to authenticate, and to use ESP aswell to accredit and encrypt. Bruce Shneier, a acclaimed cryptographic specialist advance to use ESP for both and to overlook about AH…

The affidavit algorithm accessible in ESP are :

- DES in CBC approach – the alone binding one

- 3DES

- RC5


- 3 IDEA


- Blowfish

DES (Data Encryption Standard) is a rather old agreement developed and answer by the US government. It has been accurate that DES was no added secure. A "brute force" advance could accommodation the aegis of the abstracts encrypted with DES.

NIST (National Institute of Standards and technology) has afresh answer a new agreement AES (Advances Encryption Standard). With the architecture of IPSec (a accumulating of afar pieces) AES is traveling to be rapidly the de-facto accepted in IPSec.

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