Friday, 28 June 2013

Saudis: “Let Us Monitor Skype Calls Or Else!”

Saudis: "Let Us Monitor Skype Calls Or Else!"

Saudis: "Let Us Monitor Skype Calls Or Else!"
Saudi Arabia is threatening to block access to Skype and other Voice over IP (VoIP) communications platforms, apparently because its officials are upset at not being allowed to spy on peoples communications, according to various local reports.
Officials from Saudis Communication and Information Technology Commission are reportedly demanding that service providers such as Skype, WhatsApp and Viber give them the means to monitor such applications. The providers have been given until this Saturday to come up with a satisfactory response, reports say, otherwise the Saudis will take measures to block the apps. is a premium VPN Service Provider for VOIP Service users from Dubai/UAE, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, Guyana, Iran, Belize, Brazil and Pakistan etc. countries where VOIP calls are blocked by local ISP or network authority. In one word, we unblock VOIP calls for you!
With ourVoIP VPNservice by utilizingVPN(Virtual Private Network) technology, all your VoIP traffic are wrapped in SSL 1024 bits encrypted VPN packages. Even if you are in China, Iran, UAE, Malaysia, Thailand, Qatar, Kuwait, Indonesia, Singapore or anywhere else VPN Service will Unblock VoIP and solve your problem.

With our VOIP VPN connection, customers will get benefits like:

- Unblocking Vonage or other ITSPs VOIP calls through any ISP in any countries, works great in Dubai & Abu Dhabi of United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Yemen, Oman, Guyana, Iran, Belize, Brazil and Pakistan;
- Securing the call session and voice conversation, now no one can sniffer or monitor who you are calling to, and what you are talking;
- Dramatically improving voice quality by routing VOIP calls through best in the world backbone internet connection with QoS guaranteed dedicated bandwidth for both incoming and outgoing calls;
- Providing multiple LAN ports with shared VPN connection for simultenaously calls from different VOIP adapters or IP phones in one location;
- Providing one dedicated public static IP for each account, it means a dedciated VPN session is setup for each customer, guaranteed best 99.9% service up time and zero interfere from other VPN users.

What you need is a VPN account !

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